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Question, i.MX25 A2 pin status

Question asked by AVNET JAPAN FAE (team share account) on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on May 18, 2016 by Artur Petukhov

Dear team,


I would like to ask about a pin status of i.MX25 right after reset.

On my customer’s board, the A2 port is used as GPIO after their software configures its IOMUX. And Pull-Up register is connected to A2 pin of i.MX25. They saw about 1.0V of voltage is seen on A2 pin after reset before software configuration.

According i.MX25 datasheet, The port status of A2(A10,ALT5:GPIO4-0) pin of i.MX25 seems to be OUTPUT/Low.

So, can I understand as below?

Before IOMUX configuration the A2 pin is set to EIM_DA_H[10].

And if the external pull-up register is connected, the voltage will be the divided voltage by the pull-up and internal register value.

Am I correct?