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Wandboard USB Bluetooth connectivity

Question asked by Mark Rush on Apr 28, 2016


I am using the wandboard dual with the freescale yocto os as a reference platform for a new product.

I'm having some issues bringing up a Bluetooth USB dongle.


My base recipe was 'fsl-image-multimedia-full'.  I added all of the Bluez recipes I could find.  They include:







Unfortunately, even with these recipes included, I seem to have very little in the way of bluetooth tools.

I am trying to pair with a bluetooth audio streaming device, but an having very little luck.

I have gotten this far:

rfkill list         (correctly finds devices)


rfkill unblock 2  (unblocks the correct device)

hciconfig hci0 up (brings up the correct device)


hciconfig hci0 name xxxx (correctly changes the name)

hcitool scan  (Can see available devices)

hcitool cc my_phone 

At this point, after a timeout, I get 'Can't create connection: Input/output error'


Does anyone have any insight into this?  Unfortunately, I have very little experience with Bluetooth.

Any help would be appreciated.