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K22F ramp up frequency slope with FTM

Question asked by Kent Gu on Apr 27, 2016
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I am using MK22FN1M0AVLH12, want to create one ramp up frequency slop with FTM as attached picture, its profile is start frequency is1k, end frequency is 8k; step frequency is 200HZ;send out 20 pluse at every frequency step. My goal is that create ramp up frequency slope wave to drivestep motor. My question is that:



#1, If can use FTM to realize the ramp up frequency wave as attached picture?

#2, When switch 2 frequency, FTM ouput will stop for a little? Because I am not sure if need to wait a little time after FTM timer settting? Or just when last plus send out at one special frequency, and new set FTM timing set in FTM interrupt ISR, and mcu send out the new special frequency wave after the FTM interrupt ISR?

#3, Do you have the FW about step motor ramp up frequency slope as attached file to share?


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