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Linux simple image not working on P1022 custom board

Question asked by Santosh Kumar Aki on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on May 4, 2016 by Santosh Kumar Aki


we are using p1022 processor based custom board.

we are able to download u-boot elf image to DDR using code warrior USB TAP and u-boot is running successfully.

we have extracted kernel source and cross compiler from sdk1.9.

while building Linux simpleImage we are receiving simpleboot.o file not found error.we have edited Makefile in arch/powepc/boot in order to generate simpleboot.o file .

After editing Makefile we are able to build Linux simpleImage for p1022ds.(device tree: p1022ds_32b.dts).

Loaded simpleImage.initrd.p1022ds_32b.elf file to DDR through code warrior in debug mode and observed program counter is getting halt at fdt_getprop routine in simpleboot.c file where fatal error "Cannot find #address-cells property" is occurring.


Can anyone tell me whether simpleimage will work for QorIQ processors or not.


As  flash and Ethernet interfaces are not up in our board we are going for Linux simpleImage option.



Santosh Kumar.