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Semi-Hosting in Kinetis Design Studio with MQX

Question asked by jschepler on Apr 28, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2016 by harlan86


When I build a baremetal project in Kinetis Design studio using the KSDK I can successfully get semi-hosting to work with printf outputs on the console inside of KDS. This is configured in the Debug Configuration > PEMicro Debugging > Startup tab.  I enable semi-hosting and route it to Telnet.  It works great!


However, I have another project that uses the MQX OS for Kinetis, and I cannot get the semi-hosting feature to work.  We have custom hardware built around the K64F processor and do not have any UART pins.  Does anyone have any tips on getting semi-hosting to work in Kinetis Design Studio using the KSDK and MQX? 


Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks!