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Not able to up USB Camera SaberSD board

Question asked by Babu Alikapati on Apr 27, 2016


I am trying connect USB Camera (UVC) from logitech (C100). getting below error


Android Version: kitkat(4.4.3)

Dev Board: SaberSD.


W/Camera2-Parameters(  164): android::status_t android::camera2::Parameters::buildFastInfo(): Camera 0: activeArraySize is missing xmin/ymin!

E/Camera2-Parameters(  164): Error finding static metadata entry 'android.scaler.availableProcessedSizes' (f0006)

E/Camera2Client(  164): virtual android::status_t android::Camera2Client::initialize(camera_module_t*): Camera 0: unable to build defaults: Invalid argument (-22)

I/Camera2Client(  164): Camera 0: Closed


Please let me know, how can I solve the issue.


Thank You

Babu A