Giacomo Petrini

CW 8.2 for 56F800E: Rescued Items

Discussion created by Giacomo Petrini on Feb 27, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2008 by Pascal Irrle
I have a little problem with Codewarrior 8.2 for 56F800E.

I just bought a library for CANOpen.
I created a new project (with QuickStart 2.3), added the library files, coded a little bit, did some tests. And then closed Codewarrior.
When I reopened the project Codewarrior told me that Some files were missing from file view hierarchy and they were recovered an put to the Rescued Item group...
The problem is that these files were present before in the files hierarchy.
The funny is that on every reopening some other files are "flagged" missing and put in a every time new Rescued Items group (It means that after 3 reopening of the prject I have 3 Rescued Items directory).

So what I can do? It's a little bit annoying, although I have no problems in working (I just don't find the fils anymore where I put them in the hierarchy) and compiling.

Thanks Bye Jack