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[Android 6.0.1] shell script issue when format sdcard partition

Question asked by charles huang on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 30, 2016 by charles huang


We want to porting Android 6.0.1 and follow the Android_User's_Guide.


In Android_User's_Guidepage 17 (5.1.1), The script below can be used to partition a SD card as shown in the partition table above:

$ cd ~/myandroid/

$ sudo chmod +x ./device/fsl/common/tools/

$ sudo ./device/fsl/common/tools/ -f <soc_name> /dev/sdX

# <soc_name> can be imx6q, imx6dl, imx6sl, imx6sx and imx7d.


When we run the "sudo ./device/fsl/common/tools/ -f <soc_name> /dev/sdX", but system will be hang.


Now we just only used the MFG tools to format partition for SD card.

Because the logic 5(SYSTEM) need to the 800MB size.


Please provide the correct shell script.