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Freescale cup car power management:Please HELP!

Question asked by Ahmad Sajjad on Apr 26, 2016

Hi guys! I am creating a freescale cup car using a FRDM KL-25Z microcontroller and a TFC shield that is standard to freecale cup kit. Please answer my questions:


1. After I am done loading a simulink model into my board, is there a specific way to unplug the usb cord (so I can test it with the battery attached to the TFC shield)? if not then (next question)

2. I can only run the DC motors and servo if the usb is still connected to the KL-25Z board and the battery connected to the TFC shield at the same time. Do both of them need to be powered? How come the KL25Z board doesn't work if only my TFC shield is connected to the battery?