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RGB666 format in i.Mx6

Question asked by Deepanraj Anbarasan on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on May 4, 2016 by Deepanraj Anbarasan
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Hi Sir,


We are currently working on custom board based on i.Mx6 processor and Linux Kernel version 3.10.17.

Our display is LVDS(6 bit) so maximum supported bpp is 18.But when i try to run alph_exe.c which is NXP's ipu test example with the bpp as IPU_PIX_FMT_RGB666 on my board i am getting unimplemented pixel format error.

In order to solve it i found that drivers/video/mxc/mxc_ipuv3_fb.c file need to be modified so i have added the following line in struct mxcfb_pfmt

{IPU_PIX_FMT_RGB666, 18, {12, 6, 0}, { 6, 6, 0}, { 0, 6, 0}, { 0, 0, 0} },


But After adding it also i seem to end up in the same error.and further i checked in NXP community it was mentioned to modify the drivers/mxc/ipu3/ipu_param_mem.h


But for IPU_PIX_FMT_RGB666 what  values need to be added in the ipu_ch_param_init

As now i tried with

case IPU_PIX_FMT_RGB666:

                ipu_ch_param_set_field(&params, 0, 107, 3, 3);  /* bits/pixel */

                ipu_ch_param_set_field(&params, 1, 85, 4, 7);   /* pix format */

                ipu_ch_param_set_field(&params, 1, 78, 7, 31);  /* burst size */


                _ipu_ch_params_set_packing(&params, 6, 0, 6, 6, 6, 12, 8, 18);



But am not sure this is correct value which i have set.Can anyone help me in setting RGB666 in kernel so that my application works properly.

Is this the change required or is there any other change need to set RGB666 for my framebuffer.

When i checked fbset -fb /dev/fb0

my rgb values point to RGB565 and depth as 16.As per RGB666 the depth should be 18.


Can any one help me to proceed in RGB666.Is it possible or am i doing wrong somwhere.


Thank you,