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JTAG chain error using CW on T1024RDB board

Question asked by Hüseyin Ergün on Apr 26, 2016


I'm trying to program NAND flash from scratch for T1024RDB Rev C Evaluation Board. CW version is 10.5.1. I compiled 't1024-core00 for SRAM' and tried to debug the code with 't1024-core00_SRAM_T1024_Download' configuration using CWTAP ethernet, but Code Warrior throws following error "CCS Protocol Plugin: Failed to correctly configure JTAG chain" .


I tried  configuration with ..\PA_Support\Initialization_Files\jtag_chains\T1024RDB_RCW_1400_1600.txt, but it didn't work too.

CCS log is in the attachment.


Could anyone help me?

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