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ttymxc1 (uart) not receiving datas

Question asked by Giritharan R on Apr 26, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by Artur Petukhov

Hi i am new to this,

                                 I have two custom imx6DL boards.But only one difference between two boards(i.e board A is configured with SD1 and board B is configured with SD3).

So in uboot i changed for board B SD1 to SD3 and inmachine driver itself i changed to SD3.

Both boards are configured with same UART pins.(




My problem is Board A receive datas from microcontroller properly through UART.

But Board B is not at all receiving datas through UART from microcontroller.

I probe the receiver pin.But its toggle.



So whats the issue?how can i solve?

please help me to identify the issue..


With regards,