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Can MKL03Z32CAF4 processor be woken from LLWU by lptmr

Question asked by Ted Mawson on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by Derek Snell

I want to put my MKL03Z32CAF4 processor into a low power state LLWU and have it wake from either:

  • Switches connected to the LLWU pins - this seems easy or
  • The lptmr reaching a count - not sure if this is supported?

Para 19.1 in the Reference Manual says...

"This device has no LLWU module wakeup source and uses the external pin inputs only

of LLWU_P4 and LLWU_P7 as wakeup source to the LLWU module. The internal

peripheral interrupt flags are connected to the platform directly.

Hence, only the following registers and fieldsare functional for this device:

• LLWU_PE2: [WUPE7] and [WUPE4]

• LLWU_F1: [WUF7] and [WUF4]



Am I stuck using the external pins only?