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ZigBee PRO Stack debugging (JN5168)

Discussion created by David Tolar on Apr 25, 2016



I hope that someone familiar with NXP ZigBee PRO stack for JN516x can help me, maybe someone from NXP team .


I would like to ask for help with debugging ZigBee PRO stack for JN516x.

I'm developing a ZigBee HA device based on JN5168 module.

I have a coordinator running ZigBee network. The netwokr is opened for joining.


On JN5168 module I run JN-AN-1189-ZigBee-HA-Demo DimmableLight application.

The problem is, that DimmableLight app won't join the network.

On 802.15.4 sniffer I see, that the DimmableLight app sends Beacon Request command packet and coordinator responds with Beacon packet. This is ok.

The DimmableLight app discovers the network and function ZPS_eAplZdoJoinNetwork(&(sEZModeData.asSavedNetworks[sEZModeData.u8JoinIndex])); in haEzJoin.c is called with proper network descriptor (extended pan id, channel, ... everything match the network).

But ZPS_eAplZdoJoinNetwork() returns with error code 0xC2 ZPS_NWK_ENUM_INVALID_REQUEST.

No detailed info is provided through callback function registered with ZPS_vExtendedStatusSetCallback().

No packet is send on air by the app.

What i forgot to mention is, that I also enabled debug messages, this is the log:



Stack Event



*Saving Open NWK ExPANID = 0x  212effff00b026

vEZ_SortAndSaveNetworks sEZModeData.u8DiscoveredNwkCount = 1

API failed in vEZ_JoinSavedNetwork 194

Exhausted NWK Join





How can I discover what is wrong if I don't have source code for the ZPS_eAplZdoJoinNetwork() function and the stack itself? Is it possible to get souces of the stack?


Please give me a hint.


Thank you,

David Tolar

University of West Bohemia