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Tuning the voltage reference of k64f?

Question asked by Runar Haaskjol on Apr 25, 2016
Latest reply on May 12, 2016 by Runar Haaskjol

Hello guys.


I have a question regarding the voltage reference of the K64F. Cause some problem with INA250 (and limited time), I have to get an output of maximum 100mV from the DAC. Haven't tested it with a filter, to remove noise. Is it realistic?


Second question is, could I tune the voltage reference so that i get more than 100 steps? (100mV is about 100 steps with 3.3V reference). I read through the reference manual, but with lack of sucess.


kDacRefVoltSrcOfVref 1 or 2 is something I can use?

I know the K64F originally has a vref of 1.2V, how can i use this instead of the 3.3V?



Runar Haaskjold