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Mk60 Ethernet(UDP )

Question asked by Trilok JT on Apr 25, 2016
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I'm newbie to the embedded systems, working on MK60. Learning things by doing small small modules, learned few things(Serial Communication,Timers..)  and right now I'm doing UDP internal loop back test, but I'm facing very difficulty to understand. I looked into all SDK demo apps but i'm not able to understand. Please help out. I wanna learn.


I took some code from seniors in that one i'm trying to understand small portion and trying to implement the same on board. But in that code some system generated code is missing so I'm unable to build and run the same, I missing the flow to understand. Please can you tell me how to find quick solution for that and proceed.


Missing files : ENET_PDD.h


Actually code has written in Code Warrior IDE, I'm copying the required modules and doing on Keil IDE I have played with UART, and timers in keil and now i'm focusing on Ethernet Part. 1st thing I not understood how to get Phy address of the device so i'm unable to proceed.


Please help me how to learn things quicker and proceed further,


Thank you