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Free MQX RTOS alternative for multi-product family support

Question asked by Roger Tannous on Apr 24, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by Carlos_Musich



With the new "split" in the MQX Software Solutions, we have two options: MQX v5 as a commercially available alternative, and MQX Classic as a free alternative.


MQX Classic will not support new Kinetis MCUs. For a hobbyist like me, this means either switch to non-NXP products, or switch to another free RTOS (I don't know if it will still be possible with the new Kinetis MCU Tower boards, I'm totally ignorant in this regards).


As an example, I have two main processor boards: TWR-K70F120M and TWR-KV58F220M. Are they considered to be same-family products ? Even if the answer is affirmative, the licensing fee is still not affordable for non-professional (non-corporate) use.


As a side question, did this "split" happen after NXP acquired Freescale ? If so, was that a business decision from NXP ?


Your comments and suggestions are highly appreciated, but please first take note that I'd rather stay in the Freescale ecosystem.


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