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MC9S08QD2MSC has any requirement of altitude?

Question asked by Norihiro Michigami on Apr 22, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 27, 2016 by vicentegomez

Hello NXP team,


This may be unusual question. But our customer wants to know if NXP defines any restriction in altitude when MC9S08 device operates.


Our customer's system must work at 3,000 meters or less of altitude.

They want to use MC9S08 in that system.  Does NXP have any concerns about our customer's usage?


Here is information about environment where their system works.


- Ambient temp: 0 ~ 50 degC

- 30 ~ 90%RH

- Altitude ~ 3000 meter (701hPa)

- Surface temp of device: 105 degC (Max)



Norihiro Michigami