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Configurable interval of DMA_ACT of Vybrid.

Question asked by Takashi Takahashi on Apr 21, 2016
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HI community.

Our customer has question below.


About  the configurable interval of DMA_ACT.

Is it correct my understanding of the below comments.


Vybrid RM description .

57.5.10 DMA and De-interlace

After doing some necessary register configuration, such as coefficients, INVSZ and

DMA_ADDR, user can activate DMA by setting the DMA_ACT of the status and

configuration register. But note that DMA_ACT can be configured only during vertical

blanking since the VIU3 block will not transfer a fragment of video field to memory. If it

is configured during field active time, DMA transfer cannot be started and an error

interrupt will be asserted.



Specifically, it can be set " 1 " to DMA_ACT , It is only within the interrupt handler by DMA_END_IRQ( Transfer the end of the video period) , and in the interrupt handler by VSYNC_IRQ .