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Which PE component will support Software Reset for KE-02Z in KDS ?

Question asked by Ganesh Ramachandran on Apr 21, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2016 by Erich Styger
. . . #include "KIN1.h" #define FLASH_PAGE_SIZE             (IntFlashLdd1_FLASH_ERASABLE_UNIT_SIZE) /* flash page size */ . . . . . #if 0     uint32_t startup;     *handled = TRUE;     startup = ((uint32_t*)BL_FLASH_VECTOR_TABLE)[1];     ((void(*)(void))startup)(); /* Jump to startup code */ #else     KIN1_SoftwareReset(); #endif

I am working on MKE02Z64VLD2 in KDS 2.0.

The above code block is an excerpt from my main Project code. I wanted to include software reset in my code. So I included KINETIS TOOLS PE Component into my Project.

BUT When I build the code, it threw errors in Kin.c







Then in Kin.c I found KE-02Z to be missing

#if KIN1_CPU_IS_M0_PLUS static const unsigned char *KinetisM0FamilyStrings[] = { /* FAMID (3 bits) are used as index */   (const unsigned char *)"KL0x",          /* 000 */   (const unsigned char *)"KL1x",          /* 001 */   (const unsigned char *)"KL2x",          /* 010 */   (const unsigned char *)"KL3x",          /* 011 */   (const unsigned char *)"KL4x",          /* 100 */   (const unsigned char *)"Reserved",      /* 101 */   (const unsigned char *)"Reserved",      /* 110 */   (const unsigned char *)"Reserved"       /* 111 */ }; #endif


In the reference manual there is only 4 lines which involves the word software reset, from which I couldn’t draw any inference. Software reset (SW)

The SYSRESETREQ field in the NVIC application interrupt and reset control register

can be set to force a software reset on the device. (See ARM's NVIC documentation for

the full description of the register fields, especially the VECTKEY field requirements.)

Setting SYSRESETREQ generates a software reset request. This reset forces a system

reset of all major components except for the debug module.


What is the Possible replacement for KIN software reset which is supported KE-02Z ?