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K64F KDS 3.2 SDK 1.3 +PE - Error using FTM1CH0 to modulate UART1TX

Question asked by michael carter on Apr 21, 2016

Using processor expert i get an error in the pin_init.c file on function call "SIM_HAL_SetUartTxSrcMode(SIM,UART0_IDX,kSimUartTxsrcCmp0);" the error is

'kSimUartTxsrcCmp0' undeclared (first use in this function)pin_init.c/BM-PEx-KSDK-FRDM_K64F-FTM/Generated_Codeline 1554C/C++ Problem


tried SDK 1.2 also same results. I attached the basic project of just the UART and FTM configured and the pin mux set to modulate uart1 TX.  Anybody able to pull this off with PE and KDS?

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