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Possible logic error in SCI bootloader template ?

Discussion created by Mike Fugere on Feb 26, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2008 by Mike Fugere
I am building a custom bootloader using the example SCI bootloader application created by the processor expert/examples in CodeWarrior 5.6.1 for the MC56F8367 and MC56F8347 processors.  Examining the code, it appears that it waits for characters to arrive on the SCI interface, and reads in an S-Record with bootLoadSRecord().  It then
erases the flash and then enters a loop where it immediately reads in a second SRecord
with bootLoadSRecord() and writes that data to memory, but it has destroyed / lost whatever data was in the first S Record.  Depending on the format/type of the data in the first S-Record received, this could cause an error/problem, I think.  Has anyone encountered problems with this ?