Peter Dufault

Cannot disassemble ELF - IDE hangs

Discussion created by Peter Dufault on Feb 26, 2008
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2008 by CompilerGuru
I'm using CW 6.4, P&E Multilink USB-ML-CF, Rev. C. Target is MCF5235, external flash.

I have the system working in RAM via the debugger, and I am working on making it run in flash. I can generate code that runs for a while in flash, but it eventually crashes. I am trying to track down if some memory segments are not being handled properly.

I am making use of the .xMAP files to track down how each of the segments behave. I would like to also look at the disassembly of the .ELF files, however, when I try to disassemble them the system never completes. If I try to stop the disassembly process, the IDE gets stuck at 50% processor usage and hangs. I need to use the Program Manager to stop the entire IDE.

In previous iterations of the .LCF I was able to get a disassembly listing.

Are there any known issues or tricks about this kind of problem?