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Is there any way to get a K66 Component in PEx for CW MCU 10.6.4?

Question asked by dmitriyc on Apr 20, 2016
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I have CodeWarrior MCU 10.6.4 . I am trying to migrate a board from a K60 to a K66 processor. Part of the BSP (mostly just clock config) is generated using PEx. I wanted to remove the K60 CPU component and add a K66, but K66 is not in the components library.


I have updated CW (update 5), and I can create new bareboard projects for K66. However, no K66 MCUs appear in the PEx library.


Is there any way to get the new CPU component in PEx for CodeWarrior? I have to use CodeWarrior because my project is based on MQX, and since new MQX development is being killed off, I cannot make a business case for migrating to MQX for KDS at this point.


If I have to create the component myself, I am OK with that, but please give me some pointers on how to get started.