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P1010 IFC_RB_B usage

Question asked by Stuart Carmichael on Apr 20, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2016 by ufedor



I'm trying to access a peripheral device I have attached to IFC CS3_B on my P1010.


The peripheral drives an active low wait signal when it needs to extend the access.

I have the wait output attached to the IFC_RB_B input, it looks to me like the IFC is ignoring the signal.


I currently have CS3 configured in NOR mode, as in GPCM mode the pin acts in the opposite sense to terminate an access quickly (which I can see occurring).


P1010RM.pdf Table 12-1 (page 508) suggests that IFC_RB_B input is the "NOR Ready Busy Input"

Am I missing something here?  Do I need to enable something to get the Chip select to take note of the signal?