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SATA supported on the 1043ARDB? 

Question asked by pro-supportengineer Employee on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2017 by Andrey Romanov

Is SATA supported on the 1043ARDB or will it be supported? 


The LS1043A SDK v0.5 RM chapter 32 Freescale Native SATA Driver User Manual indicates driver support exists for the RDB target board. Under the specifications the supported target board for native SATA includes the RDB board. 


Also under the linux-ls1043a/3.19-40/git/drivers/ata/Kconfig: tristate "Serial ATA and Prallel ATA drivers (libata)" exists to enable theSATA ata driver.  Likewise, under build_ls1043ardb_release/tmp/work/ls1043ardb-fsl-linux/linux-ls1043a/3.19-r0/git/drivers/ata/sata-fsl.c and ahci_platform.c the SATA drivers exist.  Are either of these two SATA drivers built for the 1043ARDB by the default configuration and can an external SATA be connected if onboard SATA does not exist, and can these drivers be used to access the external SATA drive?


The HW FAE in Chicago has indicated SATA does not exist on the 1043ARDB block diagram, so on board SATA hardware support does not exist for it.  So, in what sense, if any, is SATA supported for the 1043ARDB? 


If supported, how can I boot from a SATA drive on the 1043ARDB?