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ISF2P2_K22F_MQX_SF_PROJ Outputting Incorrect Data?

Question asked by Mark Sample on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by Mike Stanley

Hello, Using KDS 3.2.0 and SDK 1.2.0. I followed all the steps to update KDS and update Processor Expert with ISF2P2_PEx.PEupd. I know the hardware is ok because when I download FSFK-K22F-AGM01-GL-NED.bin (from the Sensor Fusion GUI) to flash the board the GUI display works great!


However, when I program the board with the SF2P2_K22F_MQX_SF_PROJ the GUI does not display the board orientation properly because the data being sent to the GUI is not right. Here is a screen shot using the "working program", FSFK-K22F-AGM01-GL-NED.bin:


And below is a ("not working") screen shot using ISF2P2_K22F_MQX_SF_PROJ:

The Inclination Delta should be 66.7 degrees and the Field Strength is 55.2uT for my location. The working program matches these values almost exactly but ISF2P2_K22F_MQX_SF_PROJ is way off with an Inclination Delta at 45.4 degrees. I also noticed that the hard iron vector is different between the two, and should be about the same since it is the same hardware. Right?


I could go on comparing screen shots, but the point is that something is not right. The Gyro Stabilized Compass is not working correctly at all. North is not anywhere near North and when the board is moved the displayed motion does not reflect the motion of the hardware.


Q1. Has anyone gotten ISF2P2_K22F_MQX_SF_PROJ to work properly?

Q2. Regarding the .bin I mentioned above (FSFK-K22F-AGM01-GL-NED.bin) that works great. Is the project that  generated that file available?

Q3. Is there a Gyro Stabilized Compass example that uses Bare Metal?