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Using SGTL5000 codec with Raspberry Pi

Question asked by Charles Hubbard on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2017 by Steven Riedl


I have purchased a breakout board for the SGTL5000. I understand the configuration as explained in the datasheet, but I see that there is a driver supplied by Freescale in the Alsa SoC system. I do not have one of the Freescale platforms, but as I understand it, I should still be able to use the codec driver.

I have been trying various methods and am focusing on one using the SoC Simple Card driver, linking it basically to the codec driver. Others have done this with other generic drivers, but I was hoping to connect it to SGTL5000. Unfortunately, the loader compiles and loads, but the kernel constantly gives me the message that my codec DAI is not registered. The SGTL5000 driver lists "sgtl5000" as the name for the codec DAI. How is it possible that this is not registered if the codec module is loaded into the kernel with no errors?


The driver I modified is here:

Raspberry Pi • View topic - The I2S sound thread.

I changed all instances of "dmic" to "sgtl5000", but for the .name value of the .codec_dai, I tried everything I could think of, and nothing is ever "registered" when I load the module.

Maybe this seems amateurish, but I bought the product and I see it has an ALSA SoC driver from Freescale, so I thought maybe I could pick up some insight here. If I can't get to use that driver, I can still write my own scripts to configure the codec and use generic I2S output.


Thank you for any help.