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Now I can't even connect to FRDM-KE04Z SWD via J-Link

Question asked by Mike Silva on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by Kerry Zhou

Now that I've given up trying to do OpenSDA with a FRDM-KE04Z, I'm trying to connect a J-Link directly to the SWD port.  I added the header to the target chip (not the OpenSDA interface chip) and removed R35 (to isolate CLK) and R58 (to isolate RESET).  I'm using the correct 20-pin to 10-pin ARM interface, and even ohm-ed it out.  No connection.  J-Link LED twinkles orange, meaning RESET is asserted.  Put the scope on the RESET line and see a sawtooth waveform going between about 1V and 2V.  Where in the heck is that coming from?  I've pretty much decided to smash the FRDM-KE04Z into tiny pieces and lay out a simple board of my own, with just the Kinetis chip, SWD connector, and a bit of I/O.  This shouldn't be this hard!  What am I missing?  I'm really hoping it's just something I'm doing wrong.