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AA104SH02-T1 display problem with imx257

Question asked by wang liang on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by wang liang

Hello :

I am using the follow way connect to my lcd with lvds signal .I use th 16bpp mode ,

LCDC_LD0 which is   R0 and  LCDC_LD12 is B0. They  should not active at all.



It is strange that the blue color is not working fine. I using qt to test it

When I set the RGB color to blue most in qt  that is (0,0,255) ,it is B1 to B5 are all 1.

The screen looks like crash,nothing is display on the creen,but when I set blue to lower,

the value is below (0,0.180) then it behave normal.

However,the RED and green behave normal.

The AA104SH02 lcd only use the OE signal of the cpu.

It seems that the blue have influence to OE signal of  LCD.

I have look the THC63LVDM83D manual ,it should match the requirment of the LCD.

I test it in uboot and linux ,it behave the same.

Can any one  have some idea?