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Can FlexBUS be used in non multiplexed mode in K64 using FB_A for address?

Question asked by Aurelien Grange on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by Aurelien Grange

Hi everybody,

I write this post because I am a little bit confused about the FlexBUS in the K64.


I want to use the FlexBUS with 16bit for data FB_AD[31-16] and 14bit for address FB_A[29-16] to connect an EPLD. Pin mapped to FB_AD[15-0] are used for other purpose (CAN, GPIO,…)


Does it is possible?


I see that BLS bit (p748 of ReferenceManual) is used to align 16bit on right or left side. I will use BLS=0b.

But at p751 in 31.4.3 Address driven on address bus it is written “FlexBus always drives a 32-bit address on the FB_AD bus regardless of the external memory's or peripheral's address size.”


So what will happen on pins used for other purpose : FB_AD[15-0] (CAN,GPIO,)?

And can the FlexBUS be configured in non-multiplexed mode with FB_A bus for address and FB_AD[31-16] for data?


Thanks for your help.

Have a great day.