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New iMX6 user... Help getting started with android app development

Question asked by Lindsay McTague on Apr 18, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by igorpadykov

Hi everyone!


As the title said, I am a complete newbie to iMX6 and embedded design. After days of searching support sites, I am still confused about how to get started with Android app development on this device. I have experience with creating traditional Android apps on tablets, phones, etc., but that doesn't seem like it will help me much with embedded development like this.


I have an iMX6Q plugged into an EDM1 Fairy carrier board. My end goal is to use these in conjunction with a touch display to develop, test, and run an Android app.


That said, I would like advice on how to get started. More, specifically:


1. Where do I find drivers so that I can connect the iMX6Q device to my windows 7 computer?

2. Which IDE do I need to use to write my app?

3. How do I burn an image on my device?

4. How do I boot up Android from my device?


I was hoping there was a newbie-friendly guide to using these devices (like the ones for Arduino and Raspberry Pi devices), but I could not find one.


Thanks in advance for all of your help!