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Query regarding ADC's status and control registers

Question asked by Vinayak Wadkar on Apr 18, 2016
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We are using NXP’s MKL17Z128VLH4 device in our application and we want to use its ADC.


In datasheet of KL17 family, we found that there two status and control registers - SC1A and SC1B.


In datasheet we also found the naming as SC1A-SC1n and SC1B-SC1n.


Since in ADC memory map of KL17 family, there are only two status and control registers ADC0_SC1A and ADC0_SC1B.


Could you please tell what does mean by SC1A-SC1n and SC1B-SC1n ? What is the significance of ‘n’ in SC1A-SC1n and SC1B-SC1n ?


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Vinayak Wadkar