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Problems on aiurdemux with dvb incoming stream

Question asked by Jordan GUILLOT on Apr 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by Jordan GUILLOT

Hi community,


The setup is the following:

rootfs built with yocto daisy, and MACHINE is imx6dlsabresd.conf, linux kernel is 3.10.53.


I have to use gstreamer-0.10.


I try to use gstreamer to watch french terrestrial télévison via USB TV tuner


I use the following pipeline:

gst-launch dvbsrc adapter=0 inversion=AUTO modulation=AUTO trans-mode=AUTO bandwidth=8 frequency=754000000 code-rate-lp=AUTO code-rate-hp=AUTO guard=AUTO hierarchy=AUTO

! "video/mpegts, systemstream=(boolean)true, packetsize=(int)188" \

! aiurdemux \

! queue2  \

! vpudec \

! imxv4l2sink


But, recently in France, the terrestrial TV switched to only HD TV stream. Since this transfer, aiurdemux plugin doesn't work:

Aiur: 4.0.2

Core: BLN_MAD-MMLAYER_MPG2PARSER_04.04.24  build on Jul  4 2014 04:54:05

  mime: video/mpeg, mpegversion=(int)[1,2]; video/mpegts, systemstream=true; video/x-cdxa

  file: /usr/lib/imx-mm/parser/

Content Info:

    Seekable  : No

    Size(byte): -1


ERROR: from element /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstAiurDemux:aiurdemux0: GStreamer encountered a general stream error.

Additional debug info:

aiurdemux.c(4472): aiurdemux_push_task (): /GstPipeline:pipeline0/GstAiurDemux:aiurdemux0:

streaming stopped, reason error


I try to find what's going on. I think the problem comes from Program Map Table which has change.


In the plugin "dvbsrc", I just select the pids needed like "pids=100:120:130" (100=PMT 120=Video 130=Audio), but i think the PMT is not updated from the filtered stream incoming. Thus, do you know a way to make aiurdemux work?


Best Regards,