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About nested hardware timer interrupt on K21

Question asked by Rahul Hirve on Apr 15, 2016

Hi All,


I am trying to use hardware timer interrupt in nested way for my project, So when I am going in VLPS mode I am initializing and starting timer 1 interrupt for waking up out of VLPS.


And in timer 1 ISR I am enabling timer 2 and running a while loop, In timer 2 ISR I am again going in VLPS mode.


What I am observing is I am successfully waking up hitting timer 1 ISR and initializing timer 2 interrupt, running in while loop of timer 1 ISR. But I am not hitting to timer 2 ISR after timeout of timer 2 rather the core remains in while loop of timer 1 ISR.


Please find attached snap shot of code I am using, any suggestions?




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