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How to operate P5CD012 ?

Question asked by l s on Apr 16, 2016
Latest reply on May 4, 2016 by Kan_Li

In the NXP's website , i only can fond the overview about P5CD012 , but i can't find the application note about it.

Who can provide me some information about how to operate it.

Thank you a lot!


1.1 CMOS14 SmartMX family features overview

The CMOS14 SmartMX family members are a modular set of devices featuring:

  • 12 KB to 144 KB EEPROM
  • 200 KB user ROM
  • 6144 B RAM
  • High-performance secure Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) coprocessor (RSA, ECC)
  • Secure dual/triple-DES coprocessor
  • Secure AES coprocessor
  • Memory Management Unit (MMU)
  • ISO/IEC 7816 contact interface
  • Optional ISO/IEC 14443 A Contactless Interface Unit (CIU)
  • Optional S²C interface for NFC communication link
  • 5-metal layer 0.14 µm CMOS technology
  • EEPROM with typically 500000 cycles endurance and a minimum of 25 years retention time
  • Broad spectrum of delivery types
  • Optional certified crypto library modules for RSA, ECC, DES, AES, SHA and PRNG
  • Optional MIFARE 1K or MIFARE 4K functionality