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Question asked by na yan on Apr 14, 2016

I think the code (AN4794) exists some errors..



about the DMA channel 1, there exist following codes,


EDMA.CHANNEL[1].TCDWORD20_.B.CITER_E_LINK = 1; //  link to channel 0 on minor loop


EDMA.CHANNEL[1].TCDWORD28_.B.BITER_E_LINK = 0; // no link on minor loop



In general ,we should configure the citer_e_link bit value equal to the biter_e_link bit value ,also citer_e_linkch and biter_e_linkch ,ortherwise a configuration error will be reported.


My confusion is from the corresponding technical report(AN4794), the result is normal , but we can get some information from RM(reference mannul), following is the description of the biter_e_link,

“This is the initial value copied into the citer.e_link field when the major loop is completed. The citer.e_link field controls channel linking during channel execution.” From this,we can get if the maior loop is completed,then the the citer_e_link bit value will be decided by the biter_e_link bit value.




If so,after completing one maior loop, then the citer.e_link will becmome 0 ,the case is in direct contradiction to the principle the author proposed. I can’t understand how he could get the right result,is my understanding wrong?


Thanks very much!


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