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PMIC Vin voltage requirement

Question asked by Mrudang Shelat on Apr 13, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by Artur Petukhov

Hi, In our new iMX6D design we want to use the MMPF0100 to supply voltage and CPU/SOC core voltage and it's interface devices And as per datasheet, input voltage of MMPF0100 is 2.8V-3.3V. If I would like to generate 3.3V max from switching regulator. Is it possible to supply the MMPF0100 from 3.3V input voltage rail instead of 4.2V input voltage rail to generate 3.3V on SW1/2/3/4? What should be minimum Input voltage to generate 3.3V on switching regulator? And which version do I need to use for MMPF0100xx? Can you help me with this please? Regards, Mrudang