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Is there a way to change start-up sequence of PF3001?

Question asked by Durmuş Kurtuluş on Apr 14, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by igorpadykov

Hello everyone,


My custom board with iMX6UL just arrived and it is not detected by PC (via USB). I checked boot switches, voltage levels, etc. After some more investigation, I think power-up sequence might be the problem.


I use PF3001 with A7 option in my design. VDD_HIGH_IN is connected to SW2 output and VDD_SOC_IN is connected to SW1 output. I realized that datasheet says VDD_HIGH_IN must be powered before VDD_SOC_IN. However, in PF3001 A7 configuration, SW1 and SW2 have the same sequence number, which is 3.


If really that is the problem, what I want to do is to change start-up sequence so that SW2 is ready before SW1 is turned on. I realize that V33 output could have beed used for VDD_HIGH_IN. But right now, that is not an option.


PF100 has this TBB (try before buy) feature to allow changing start-up sequence. PF3001 datasheet does not mention it, but is there any way to change start-up sequence of PF3001?