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Flash Problem occured when i download the code in TWR-K20D72M board

Discussion created by Bhavin Maru on Apr 13, 2016
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I am using the "TWR-K20D72M board" and i am using IAR Embedded Workbench(IAREW) software in that i am facing one problem about Flash.In workspace if i select "FLASH_256KB_PFLASH_32KB_DFLASH" then i download the code in microcontroller it shows me error message "the flash loader program reported an error" the screenshot of that error is shown below(Screenshot 1).in this window when i click "ok" then i get another message which tells "A fatal error has occured. The  debugger will terminate.".I have given below the screenshot of this message also(Screenshot 2).previously in workspace when i select "FLASH_256KB_PFLASH_32KB_DFLASH". i was not get any error & also works properly.and in the same program in workspace if i select "RAM_64KB". then it works and also i can download the code in microcontroller.but "TWR-K20D72M board" have 256KB Flash.

Anyone please suggest any solution so that again my code will work properly when i select "FLASH_256KB_PFLASH_32KB_DFLASH".


Thank You