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Successful integration of iMUX6UL with 32bit LPDDR2?

Question asked by engjoe on Apr 13, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2016 by igorpadykov

Has anyone actually successfully integrated a 32x Micron LPDDR2 chip with the 16x bus on the i.MUX6 UltraLite?  I've seen references online (and hints in the datasheets, but nothing useful) that mention that this can be accessed using a x16 bus.  To save room, we want to use a MCP chip (FLASH+LPDDR2 in the same BGA) instead of separate FLASH and RAM.


The iMUX6UL has a x16 RAM bus and an x8 FLASH bus. Unfortunately, no MCPs seem to have this particular combo - their line card claims there is an x16 option, but none exist. The closest might be something like this (Micron Technology, Inc. - MT29RZ4B2DZZHGSK-18 W ), but it's x32 and only has a subset of the language about x16 that other products have.


Some other users on the forum have investigated this, but there seems to be little consensus on IF it works, or if anyone has found an app note from Micron about it? Unfortunately, Micron lacks meaningful customer support...


People keep asking this around the forum, but no one seems to have a complete answer. Another post about just this that didn't quite answer it:

IMX6UL vs 32bit LPDDR2 in MCP package.


Alternatively, if NXP works with an applications engineer at Micron (like mentioned here:APF-DES-T1614 ), that could be helpful too.


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