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FlashEraseSector by ProcessorExpert in MK22FN128VLH10

Question asked by Frank Yang on Apr 14, 2016

I tried to implement the FlashEraseSector like the example in flash_example_frdmk22f, before to implement FlashProgram. however; it returns "0x20"(FTFx_ERR_ACCERR).


- Environment:


KDS: 3.0.0

KSDK: 1.2.0

Windows 10


- I set up the settings as following:


<in flash1:fsl_flash>

C90TFS register base address: 0x40020000

Program flash base address: 0x00000000

Size of program flash: 0x00020000

Data flash base address: 0x00000000

FlexRam base address: 0x00000000

Background debug mode enable: Disable


<in osa1:fsl_os_abstraction>

OS: BareMetal

Used timer: None


- I attached a picture of "return 0x20" and source code.

Flash.png -> a picture of "return 0x20" -> source code with ProcessorExpert file

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