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required AFT09MS007N_350-470MHz_ board_S-parameter curves

Discussion created by Rajan Kumar on Apr 11, 2016
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Dear all,


I have fabricated & assembled a 350-470MHz evaluation PA card based on AFT09MS007N device. This PCB layout & components are same as given in the reference design application note "AFT09MS007N UHF Power Amplifier for PMR.pdf".


This assembled PA card is showing Input return loss (IRL or S11) of around -2.5dB & Output return loss (ORL or S22) of -2dB across the band. I tried to improve these values by tuning the capacitors & inductors but did not get success.

Gain profile is similar as given in the datasheet for 350 to 470MHz.


Recently I have simulated this same layout using AWR V-12 software, in simulations also IRL and ORL curves are nearly same as I am getting in VNA (vector network analyzer).


Kindly share the S-parameter curves of this 350 to 470MHz PA card for reference.


My requirement is to tune this device for 390MHz to 480MHz frequency band. Is it possible to get S11 better than -10dB & S22  of -5dB by tuning the same board ?