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MC68HC908 Assembly Language Guide

Question asked by Gary Poon on Apr 11, 2016

I am modifing a software for the MC68HC908. In the original software, there is a part which is written in assembly language:


void IROutput()
     byte tcount, delay, count=10, data, ptr=0;

      data = Msg[ptr];

      asm {

                     LDA #2
                     STA tcount
                     LDA #31
                     STA delay
                     BRA high

                     BCLR 5, PTB   ; Clear the output
                     DBNZ count, next
                     BRA exit;

                     LDA #31
                     STA delay
                     ROR data
                     BCS ntdo


I have learnt assembly language long time ago, is there a guide for programming assembly language for this NXP microcontroller?


Thank you.