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SDK for MK22DX128VLK5

Question asked by Viktors Snicarevs on Apr 11, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by XiangJun Rong


I had a question some time ago (isaacavila    MK22DX128VLK5 definitions) how I could make MK21DA5 based project I developed on TWR-K21D50M to run on MK22DX128VLK5.


I changed all the features as requested, however during the startup program is stuck in Reset Handler code, as it always getting watchdog interrupt just before it tries to disable watchdog timers.


I managed to generate empty project with MK22D5.h, system_MK22D5.h, system_MK22D5.c and startup_MK22D5.S (which are all almost identical to MK21DA5) and it runs OK in to the main().


Could you suggest anything I am doing wrong with MK21DA5 project so it does not run on MK22DX128VLK5.


Thank you very much,