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KSDK example "hello world" for MK22FX512VLH12

Question asked by Nakul Yadur on Apr 10, 2016
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I am using KSDK 2.0, SDK_2.0_MK22FX512xxx12 for my µC MK22FX512VLH12. I am using the demo example "hello world" provided and trying to display the "hello world" on the Console (PuTTY) but all I am getting are some junk values on the console.
The example is from TWR-K21F120M but I was told it is compatible with MK22FX512VLH12. I have changed the UART port in the code to use that from MK22FX512VLH12. I am using PORT E with PCR0 and PCR1. I have set both the Baudrates to 115200 and no parity, 1 stop bit. I am using P&E Multilink Universal for debugging. Since I am getting junk values on the console, I think there is a UART connection between the µC and the console. Can someone please help me with this? thanks,