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KL02 ISSUES - order code

Discussion created by Matteo Davanzo on Apr 11, 2016
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Hi everybody,


I'm using the KL02 Kinetis microcontroller and i've found the "mask set errata" for revision 0N33H ( ).

I verified that the KL02 mounted on my prototipes are 0N33H revision reading the REVID field in the SIM_SDID register. I cannot follow the workaround because in my project the 1.8V Vdd is mandatory.

So i've made the revision number 2 of the project and i've specified to my supplier that the KL02 must be of revision 1N33H following the NXP errata note.

So here is the question. How can i distinguish (and my supplier too) revision 0N33H from revision 1N33H during order time if they both has the same order code? Why use the same code for two different revisions?


Thanks in advance,


Matteo D.