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SPC5634M 10% can't write code, What is the difference between version SPC5634M F1 and F2 version?

Question asked by JACK li on Apr 11, 2016

Using the CodeWarrior for MPC55xxMPC56xx v2.10


Spc5634MF1MLQ80 has 10% of the products can't burn write code,

Spc5634MF2MLQ80 without the phenomenon.


Why can't a F1 with 10% proportion, writing code?

What is the difference between F1 and F2 is not the same?


Aiming at this problem, we have done a test board, code into separate testing MCU

Attached is the code and the circuit drawing!

David TosenovjanPetr StancikMPC5xxx@

目前我们使用CodeWarrior for MPC55xxMPC56xx v2.10





F1与F2不一样的区别是什么? !

Original Attachment has been moved to: LQ_KEY_LED测试通过.rar