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Component Development Environment (CDE) Support and Bug Reporting

Question asked by Jerry Girard on Apr 8, 2016
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Our team is using CodeWarrior for MCU V10.6.4.FSL_b06150 with Eclipse Interface.  I am using the CDE to inherit and extend the FreescaleCAN component for an S08DZ48 processor.  I have used BeanWizard with the Classic Interface for years, so I know how to do this.


My issue is that I am running into all sorts of problems, issues, bugs, and limitations with the Eclipse version.   I also notice that the documentation is limited in its explanations and doesn't correctly match the software.


I'd like to know the best course of action to get help with this.  Is there a better support group?  Should I post all the bugs and problems I find on here?  I think that would be rather embarrassing if I did that.


Please let me know if there is someone on the "inside" that I could interface with to help get me through my first component inheritance using the Eclipse interface.  I've been struggling for a full week now.