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Programming MPC5604B via BAM

Question asked by fscheidl on Apr 8, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 12, 2016 by Lukas Zadrapa


I just finished building a custom PCB with a MPC5604B and now I'm trying to program the board/chip with the included Boot Assist Module. For this I am using the RAppID BL Tool included with the MPC5606B StarterTRAK. This works normally: Loading the Bootloader (1-100%), Erasing, Download the App (1-100%) and then shows "Complete".


So far so good, but the application does not seem to be stored to the flash, neither does it seem to be executing. To be precise, I attached a LED and a resistor to the PH9 pin, which, by default, has a weak pull up. So the LED should glow during startup/when the MPC5604B is not programmed. During the initialization, I am disabling the weak pull up of that pin like so:


SIU.PCR[121].R = 0x0000;


Still glows after the RAppID BL Tool shows "Complete". I cannot get the Lin-Module in UART mode or any other GPIO Output to work either. Is there something I have to consider when using the BAM Module for the first time? (The ABS and FAB pins are set accordingly, otherwise it would not download the code in the first place)


My setup is like this: I am powering the MCU from 5V, have all the decoupling capacitors for the power rails set up as outlined in the datasheet, have ABS and FAB pins shorted to 5V and GND, respectively. Then I connect my UART interface to pins PB[2] and PB[3] for TX and RX. During the serial download of the code, I get the echo back from the MCU.


Thank you very much in advance!